Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A plan is in order

We've been putting our gluten sensitive girl on the spot too much, asking her what she wants to eat. Honestly, I have rarely done that before - only on birthdays - so this spotlight is a bit overwhelming. She does not like the attention and fuss being on her, she'd prefer to hide in the shadows. That being said, I'm ordering a cookbook tonight so I can come up with meal plans and stop pestering the child. It's called Cooking for Isaiah and I'm super excited about it. This week I'll be using all the wonderful resources I've found on the internet to menu plan. I am posting a list of helpful blogs and websites on the sidebar in case anyone else can benefit from them. I am also going to start a weekly menu list, hopefully posting on Wednesday or Thursday.

I received the referral for the GI doctor, now I have to schedule an appointment. Baby steps.

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