Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 6

Another successful day. No test results, but we are so thankful that the gluten free diet has brought such a transformation. I was asked to bring a snack to a bible study tonight, so I made some sugar cookies and sent the "poison" to the meeting - got it out of our house! Once we get the test results back I will banish many more things! We made some gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for us here that are simply wonderful! I can't wait to get to the health food store and stock up on gluten free flours so I can expand our repertoire. I was thinking this would be an expensive undertaking, and in many ways, it is. On the other hand, we will be making most things from scratch, removing the processed foods and expensive pre-cooked meals that saved me so much time, yet cost me more money. I'm thinking it should balance itself out fairly well. As for couponing - it appears to be a thing of the past (a blessing, I think, since I can use the time I spent couponing to cook!). Most of the deals I spent hours preparing for were items that are on the "unsafe list" around here.

I am feeling much more confident. I know there will be setbacks in the future, but for now, we've come to terms with this diet and aren't missing the breads and pastas. It's a huge leap from a few days ago. My favorite season has arrived, and with it all of the glorious baked treats. My sweet neighbor just brought over the absolute biggest pumpkin pie I've ever seen - and Shayla can't eat it. But, there were no tears over the loss!

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