Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions?

I am not one of those people that typically makes New Year's resolutions. I am quite simply horrible at goal setting. Actually, that's not quite true, it's not the goal setting that I necessarily have trouble with, it's the follow up involved later on to see if I've accomplished those goals. I've learn to accept my limitations and just don't set them, it's easier that way. But, this year - I set goals! They aren't goals that I need to chart and track my progress, but rather small changes that I hope to make in my life. One of those is to eat more healthy foods. I am doing it for my husband's benefit as well. He's been practically begging me to cook more healthy foods for a long time, and honestly, I just fall back to lazy things again. I have a particular fondness for fried vegetables. :) Anyway, in pursuit of that goal, I've been researching raw food and whole food recipes. Do you know the most amazing thing in all this? The recipes for these amazing foods are gluten free naturally. No substituting rice flours to make them seem like the real thing. We also gave in and purchased a dehydrator. I cannot wait to try it! I will be making a ton of snacks for my gluten girl - and affordable, ridiculously healthy ones at that!