Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 1

This is the first day in our journey of going gluten free. My oldest daughter, Shayla (eleven years old), appears to have celiac disease. Our doctor advised us that we should start this new way of living immediately, even before we receive our test results (which should take about a week). Essentially it means eating meat, vegetables, and fruits. There are some gluten free options, but they are very expensive and I hope to learn to make them on my own. I did buy some for this first week until we receive "official" results.

How was she diagnosed? She has been having very bad stomach aches about 30 minutes to an hour after eating. She had zero energy - falling asleep in the middle of the day at strange times. She has not gained very much weight (about 3 pounds), in the last year and her ribs are very visible. Her siblings have almost caught up to her on weight! We have removed wheat from her diet as of yesterday afternoon and we are already seeing the effects.

Last night, I cried myself to sleep. I was imagining all the pizza parties that she will miss, and if she does go she'll have to bring her own food. I was mourning the loss of all those delicious birthday cakes. I was thinking of all the extra times I will have to cook. Selfish, but true. We went to the grocery store last night to get some specific foods she could eat and I had to fight my tears. I do not want her to see me cry, I want to be strong and let her assume it's going to be a fun thing, a new adventure. Walking down the aisles of food the only thing I could see was the foods she would never again eat without severe pain.

Today, I am immensely thankful. I have a daughter that is already smiling and happy. She has more energy from eating just one meal without gluten. She told me after dinner last night that it was wonderful to feel good. How amazing is that? So, our journey begins.

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