Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 2, continued

Tonight we went to dinner at a friends house. It started off simply enough, I was going to make gluten free pizza for Shayla and I, while picking up some cheap totinos for everyone else. Evidently, that was not a good choice and it upset Shayla terribly. We went through a list of foods and finally found something she could get excited about - pre-made roast beef and mashed potatoes. I ran to the store to grab the food and thankfully started checking the labels because I realized the mashed potatoes were not gluten free. I almost started crying, again. I decided to look for an alternative and found that, amazingly, tater tots were gluten free! I also found a loaf of rice bread for her to try for lunch tomorrow. Once we got to our friends house there were platters of food for the taking and Shayla walked by at one point and grabbed a slice of cheese. She took a bite before I could warn her to stop - it was on a shared platter with crackers and there were crumbs all over it. The poor girl. She just started crying. She just wants to be normal and said she didn't realize how many things she would have to be careful about. Truly, it was something she would have normally done without thinking, and now we have to constantly be on guard. She ended up very sick, and I learned yet another lesson - bring a snack tray for my gluten free girl!

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