Saturday, October 2, 2010

Starting from scratch

I was blessed with a gorgeous almost new stand mixer yesterday. I am already imagining the wonderful creations I can now make. Life is good. I plan to make a loaf of bread today. I'll let you know how that turns out. I have a bread machine, but it is covered in crumbs, so the mixer will be doing that duty today.

Today we woke up dreaming of funnel cakes. The local fair is only 4 1/2 months away and that's part of the reason we go. I suppose I'll have to come up with some other delicacy to celebrate that event. The only problem is that I'm not one of those people that can just come up with a recipe. I need clear concise directions to follow. I've only recently gotten to the point of being able to substitute ingredients. Take chicken pot pie for example. The recipe I have calls for Veg-All, so that's what I use. I finally came to the point that I could use just carrots. Yes, I'm that bad of a cook. But, I love cooking. It is one of those rare times I can focus solely on one thing and it rewards me immediately by tasting good - most times. It's a very relaxing time for me. I consider it a hobby and I've forgotten how much I enjoy it lately in the rush of life. I used to dream of owning my own bakery. That's the blessing of celiac for me - I am going to have to return to cooking from scratch. No more processed foods for our family.

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  1. You love cooking? I LOVE cooking! Woohoo! That's the way to be "thankful in all circumstances." Now you get to cook more:-) God is good!