Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baking GF Bread for beginners

A few things to keep in mind when first attempting to bake gluten free bread. (This is my try at Bob's Red Mill GF bread mix).

1. Baking gluten free bread is NOTHING like baking regular bread.
2.It is like using that paste from elementary school (you know, the stuff that smelled so sweet and yummy?), and trying to form it into a loaf of bread.
3.It is NOT meant to mixed by hand and tried to mold into that aforementioned loaf. It shouldn't even be touched by human hands -only a spatula or beaters.
4.It smells terrible.
5.It will stick all over you, your kitchen, and anything else you dare to touch.
6.If you try to use your beautiful new stand mixer it will creep straight up the beaters to the top and stick in places you'll never get out.
7.Your beautiful new stand mixer will not be beautiful anymore.
8. It will look fairly close to normal bread when finished.
9. The first time you toast it in your brand new GF toaster your 3 year old will say someone went "stinky". It smells that bad.
10. It tastes about that bad, too.

Next? I am going to make my own flour mix and try that. The bean flavor as the first ingredient in this mix is too strong to make it edible for regular toast and sandwiches. It needs a lot of something to camouflage the taste.

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  1. I know that this must have been a very trying experience, but your story of it is hilarious!!! Let me know how the next loaf turns out:-)