Monday, November 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

I'm back to a Monday Menu Plan! It seems that Friday's are turning into super busy days around here, and Monday's are my computer and catch up days. We survived the fall festival at church by not eating the buns. We've even managed to sort the candy and find many gluten free options. Unfortunately, we did get a belly ache the next day which I am assuming is from the candy that my oldest assumed was fine and ate a bunch before realizing. Thankfully, her attitude about it was wonderful.

I made the decision to remove #1 (my oldest) from her cooking class. They are making quite a few dishes that contain gluten, and it is not fun for her to participate and not eat the creations. On top of that, the other kids all take part so she feels somewhat left out. I thought this might be an issue and I'm surprised it took 3 more classes before she became upset enough to change. It's a fairly big decision since she will be moving from the group with 6th & 7th graders to 4th & 5th graders. We prayed about it and all of us feel it is the right choice. Thankfully, we have some wonderful people leading our co-op and they were completely supportive of our decision.

I am in the process of starting to plan our Thanksgiving dinner. I normally plan it fairly far in advance simply to catch the sales on foods, but this year I have to plan early because it is so much more in depth. My oldest wants pumpkin pie, so I am going to make one for her, but I have to find a good crust recipe to go with it.

Here is our menu plan -

Dinner menu

Monday - Tostadas
Tuesday - Beef Stew
Wednesday - Baked Ziti
Thursday - Baked Chicken w/ rice pilaf
Friday - Dinner party
Saturday - Baked omelet w/ bacon
Sunday - Roast

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  1. First of all: LOVE the cupcakes!!! Joyful and awesome! I love the way that you have embraced this challenge of a new lifestyle, are finding enjoyment in it, learning and loving the new things you are finding -- and sharing them with "us". Thank you so much. I know that it is truly challenging, but I am so overwhelmed at how you have given this to Jesus and are letting Him shine through you as you walk this road.

    Have you tried any pesto recipes? I dont' know if they are GF, but I am sure that you can make them so. I made this one today. It is my friend Patty's recipe. I am afraid that I don't have exact measurements since it is kind of a "to taste" recipe, but I know you will play with it and make it wonderful!

    Walnuts (about 2 handfuls)
    Fresh Galic (about 4 cloves -- large)
    Romano Chesse (about 3 oz)
    Fresh culantro (hmmm.... to taste...start with just a few leaves and then add)
    Juice of 2 fresh limes
    Olive oil (enough create the right consistancy and flavor)
    Salt & Pepper to taste

    Put it all in a food processor or blender. Dry ingredients first, then add the olive oil as you mix for the right consistency.

    Eat crackers? GF crackers? Fresh baked bread? Carrot sticks!!!! Yep! That's it!!!

    Good stuff.
    Thanks for the holiday e-book link. Cannot wait to sit down and get a good look at those recipes.